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Online Slot Systems

Online Slot Systems

we get in the news that the government is going to tighten its laws against Internet gaming in the UK, we see media headlines about stars receiving jail time for playing slot online, we see rob a casino in progress stories about a young man shooting a security guard in the chest, but we don’t hear about people getting arrested for playing slot online. Do you think they’re scared of all this new legislation?

Not at all. After all the government does little to nothing to protect us from the 004 crook that runs casinos off the grid. But they sure don’t go after players for playing online at slot machines. Here in the UK we have unique laws against paying for online slot systems.

The reason why playing from the comfort of your home and paying for online slot systems is legal is complicated.

So let’s unpack that a bit shall we?

Online slot machines cannot be covered by law as they are a product of the Internet which is regulated and private property.

The case of paying for online slot systems is different as the restraint is on the consumer.

It can be that part of the law that online slot must be covered by law, for example payment is taken directly from the user to fund the online casino that they are playing at.

The online casino then receives a payment for that customer in the straightforward way. There cannot be any avenue of funding that customer that the law has to protect.

The situation at the present is that no online casino password protect user information as the operating system is derived from random numbers generated by a computer program and not gleaned from a master key.

So the onus is upon the online casinos to encrypted the user information before paying the user.

What steps can a online casino take?

There are a few avenues that a casino can take and I will list some of them below:

1. mandatory data encryption: all users must provide their banking details and credit card details to access the online casino.

2. secure transactions: the banking arrangements must guarantee that the online casino uses a secure transaction gate to handle the banking transactions.

3. auditing: an online casino would not be able to function unless it has a good reputation and checks its own reputation. A damaging event would be its refusal to pay customers.

4. security staff: to prevent any return of user information and to have a greater chance of finding and stopping cheaters.

Choices for players

Where can they play: the choice is yours, the player should always have the choice of the location to reside in.

How fast payouts can be made: the speed of payouts depends on the product offered by the Internet casino, the faster the payouts the Better the product is, the more the safety of the player.

The support team: can they be contacted by the players?

The software used: the software has to be realistic, fair and understandable.

The bonuses: it should be hard to find many bonuses offered by online casinos.

Plan before you play: having the choice of plan is important, you should know your budget for playing, you should have the chance of trying out different games and enjoying the ones you like the most.

Payouts: the higher the payouts, the higher the payout ratio, the more perks and bonus offers.

There are many more plans that you can go through if you want to stay tuned, there are on-line review sites offering objective reviews and comments about the top online casinos, just search for the word ‘Top reviewed Online Casino’ or ‘Top Online Casino reviews’ and you will get ample information to help you make an informed decision.

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